Co-op Link

Its easy and simple to earn credits in Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing, simply advertise your Coop link in manual Traffic Exchanges and Safelist Mailers. When you advertise the Coop link, it will display another Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing member's site with assigned credits and you will earn credits for displaying it. Free members earn 0.5 credits for each time they display their Coop link while members earn 1 credit for each time it is displayed (View).

Each time you advertise your Coop link in a Traffic Exchange or Safelist Mailer frame, it will display a different website. It will not display your own website when you promote your Coop link, but you will earn credits for your advertised website. When other Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing members advertise their Coop links to earn credits, they will advertise your websites (and everyone else's except for their own). Our valued members coop link will rotate all our valued members website URL advertised with us with enough assigned credits. It is important that you set auto assign credits from your Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing back office.

Your Coop link has to show for at least 4 seconds for you to earn credits. But if your website comes up in another Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing valued member Coop link that is advertised in a source with a timer that is less than 4 seconds, you don't lose any credit for displaying your website.