Why don't I see my own website in my Co-op Link?

Each time you advertise your Coop link in a Traffic Exchange and/or Safelist Mailer, it will display a different website listed by another Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing member. It will not display your own website when you promote your own Coop link, but you will earn credits which you can use to assign for your advertised your website for rotation. When you run out of credit assigned on your website URL, that website will stop on rotation automatically until you assign credit again. 

When other Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing members advertise their Co-op links to earn credits, they will advertise your websites (and everyone else's except for their own), and that is how ads are distributed in all traffic sources. Traffic Cooperative concept is the smartest way to advertise or expose your online offer. You alone, can't afford to promote to a hundreds even a thousand source of traffic on your own. But through Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing your advertisement (website URL) in our Co-op rotation will be expose to over a hundred even a thousand different Traffic Exchange and Safelist Mailer. All you need to do is advertise your own Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing Co-op Link to generate credits for your own website to rotate 24/7 in our Co-op auto rotator. Just ensure you will not run out of credit assign to your website URL. You can also surf and advertise your own Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing Co-op Link into our own traffic exchange function. Please note that we are 2 in 1 concept both Traffic Exchange and Co-op Marketing concept. 

If you saw your own website when you opened your Co-op link, there would be no use promoting it in a traffic source you are already an active member of. The point of the Co-op is to get traffic from the hundreds of traffic sources where you are not a member or surf actively, but where other Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing members do. Let the whole Actual Hits 4u Co-op Marketing entire community advertise your websites for you.

Your Coop link displays the Actual Hits 4u Co-op top bar (frame)  and a website inside when it is displayed in a Traffic Exchange or Safelist Mailer. The top bar (frame) has your referral ID attached into it. If your Coop link is opened outside such a traffic source or if viewers will click it, it displays your referral link.