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What is Co-op Advertising

Co-op Advertising it the perfect and smart choice among online business owners and online business affiliates alike. Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing offered the smartest tool for those who can only surf one or a few Traffic Exchange to earn credits for their own advertising needs. Our platform allows our valued members expose their websites across to over a thousand of legit Traffic Exchanges and Safelist Mailers without extra effort necessary. All you need to do is advertise your Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing Co-op Link to your existing favorite Traffic Exchanges and Safelist Mailer. You will earn 1 credits if your Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing is paid account while 0.5 credits if your account is FREE, everytime your Co-op link is displayed. You advertise and surf where you can and our community will do the rest. Add your website to our co-op adverising and we will send traffic from all over our network of manual traffic exchanges and safelist mailers without your extra effort. 

All our members websites listed in our Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing Co-op Advertising websites will Auto-Rotate in all members Co-op link wherever they advertised it. The system will expose your websites across over a thousands approved traffic sources doing nothing extra except advertising your own Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing Co-op Link and make sure you have enough credit all the time assign to your website to keep your website on Auto-Rotation, because the system will not rotate those without assign credits. If you don't have enough time to advertise your own Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing co-op link. You can purchase any of our credit package option at the very low price or you may go for our famous upgrade "One Time Life Time Upgrade" which you will receive 5,000 website actual hits credits, 5,000 banner ads impressions and 5,000 text ads impression and entitle you to earn up to 50% commission on all referral upgrades. 

What is the Co-op Advertising Link?
Your Co-op Advertising Link is the link you can advertise in Traffic Exchanges and Safelist Mailers to earn credits for your websites listed in your Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing Co-op websites. It will always displays another Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing member's website in the list in their Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing Co-op websites, and that is how ads are Auto-Rotated in all Traffic Exchanges and Safelist Mailers. Other members will display your websites when they promote their own Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing Co-op advertising link. The Co-op advertising link displays the Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing top frame, and a website URL inside the top frame has your Actual Hits 4U Co-op Marketing referral ID loaded to it.

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